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Money and finance can sometimes be a difficult topic for some people. For students with special needs, it is important to practice terms that center around this topic. From cashing checks from a job to spending the right amount of money in a store, knowing the meaning and names of these banking terms are essential. Learning such vocabulary terms will prepare students for the real world and the tasks that involve them, like paying for items and savings. Interactive flashcards give students the chance to practice terms while having fun. MangoMon offers a range of vocational and occupational flashcards. These free flashcards offer a fun and unique way of learning important information.

Banking and Finance

By hearing and seeing banking and finance terms, students can practice and learn the words. Words that describe money are important for students to learn because many of they will be using some of them every day. They might use these terms in future careers or everyday shopping.

Each word in the set has the word, a picture of the term, audio pronunciation and example sentences. These words are helpful in preparing students with samples of what they might be talking about when paying for items, shopping, depositing or withdrawing money and other banking tasks.

These terms are great for helping students remember and learn the names of banking and finance terms. There are ten vocabulary terms in this set. Words like check, credit card and statement are some of the examples of words in this set.

Special needs students and ESL learners will find success in using these flashcards. The ability to hear the words and see them being used in a real example with pictures allows them to form a picture in their head of what the term looks like. Arrow keys allow students to go back and forth between terms for additional review.

The combined elements in these cards give students a better understanding of the words. Resources like these flashcards are always a helpful addition to any learning system for students with special needs. Integrating technology into learning will also prepare students for the future.

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