A Safe Approach to Learning – Special Needs Education

Basic safety precautions are something most students learn at a very young age. For those students with special needs, they may be learned later on in life, but these regulations remain just as important.

Wayne Public Schools in New Jersey has started a “Safety Town” summer program in which disabled or special needs students will learn how to react and behave in typical safety situations. From crossing the street to confrontations with strangers, this weeklong program will teach them appropriate solutions. With advice and safety tips from real police officers and firefighters in the community, students get a hands-on experience.

Safety Town has been offered to beginning kindergarten students for nearly 20 years, but this is the first time the older students can benefit from the program, too. Parents and advocates pushed to have it offered to the special needs children. In addition, a Junior Police Academy, a special needs sports clinic and a bicycle riding program for disabled children will all be in effect.

Including these students into the programs that are offered to the general education students helps both the students and parents feel like they are a bigger part of the community and more involved. These students will eventually become adults, just like all the other students at the schools and need to have reliable sources of information that will help them become productive members of society.

By giving all students the chance to participate and learn about the same things lets everyone know that we are all equal, despite our differences.

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