A Sound Idea – Program for Students with Autism and Hearing Impairments

Many programs are created to give students with special needs a chance at growing and learning at their own pace. Many of them focus on one or many disorders. In Brattleboro, Vermont, they are catering towards two specific disorders.


In recent years, the number of autistic children has increased. In addition, many of these children also have been classified as deaf. The Vermont Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing has decided to start the first deaf-autism program in the country. The program is a better way for these students to communicate with each other, which was more difficult to do in previous years.

The program has a lot of the same approaches and curriculum as it had in the past, but many of the details have been edited to better fit for the deaf students.  The non-profit organization already serves 625 deaf and hard of hearing people in Vermont and southern New Hampshire. Eight students have already enrolled in the deaf-autism program.

With help from several grants, they plan to expand and grow with their program to accommodate more students and open more programs around the country. They want to also make sure the appropriate staff are selected and trained so that the students get the most out of the program.

Since this program addresses the most important needs for these students, they can benefit from the learning experience in a new way. In addition to the learning taking place, there will also be research done to discover more effective learning methods for the autistic students, both hearing and deaf.

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