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Finding resources that are specifically aimed at special needs students can sometimes be difficult. What’s great about these resources, once you find them, is that they can be used and applied to all children. WhizKidGames is a useful site that features free online games and activities that are designed for children with autism. Researchers from the Swinburne Autism Bio-Research Initiative (SABRI) and many teachers from Bulleen Heights Autism School came together with 80 multimedia design students to research and create the site.


The games and activities that are found on the site are aimed at helping autistic children develop their independent living skills. The games and activities focus on topics like coping with changes and recognizing emotions and non-verbal communication.

The site has a total of 16 games that have everyday themes and activities that kids experience and participate in everyday. From going to school to following a schedule, the activities are real world applicable. Themed activities like “Ted’s Ice Cream Adventure” and “Eric Goes to the Airport” will engage and motivate students.

Because children with autism sometimes face challenges when placed in the traditional classroom settings, working on a computer is often times easier and more preferred by them. The graphics on each activity are very clear and look almost like a cartoon television show or movie. The colorful games with engaging and cool characters will help students enjoy the site and build meanginful life skills.

By incorporating fun games and characters with independent living skills, Whiz Kid Games will help students build skills that will be useful later in life.

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