Be Somebody with the NOBODY program- Special Education

Special education students and teachers share how the NOBODY program impacted their students and made a difference in a big way.

The NOBODY program aims at getting everybody involved with this character building project. All students, regardless of their background or learning disabilities gain hope and confidence by using their own actions, interests and abilities. Students involved with the project get the chance to add things to the character, present stories and fill a scrapbook with their experiences with their new friend.

The NOBODY teaching resource is an innovative way to develop both character and self esteem. When the guidance counselor first introduced NOBODY to the class in this video, the children were very intrigued. They described this “doll” as having no age, interest, gender, etc. They realized that they would need to help give it all of these qualities and more, making it a “somebody.”

The students go on to talk about how they took him home, added things to him and gave it character and interests. One student talks about using NOBODY to help build relationships with his family. He explains how his family has a tradition to play cards and how he added a card to the doll to represent that. Through NOBODY, he realized the importance of his family’s love and support.

Some of the characteristics of many of these special needs students are that they do not show much empathy. Through this program, the teacher noted how caring and nurturing the students were with NOBODY. They took him on field trips and included him into the class as a whole.

This program offered a great way for children to evolve while also builing self esteem.

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