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Bright Hub is an online community where you can learn information about a variety of topics from cooking and cars to education and history.  For each topic (called a Channel), their site includes blogs, articles, and forums for discussion.  For the education section of Bright Hub, they have various Channels including early childhood, home schooling, K-12 education, ESOL, college, and special education.

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On the Bright Hub Special Education site there are several ways to navigate and find information.  The center of the page is devoted to new articles and blog posts about various topics.  The topics range from teacher strategies, to lesson ideas geared to various disabilities, curriculum, and behavior management techniques.  There are also articles and blog posts in regards to gifted education.

On the left-hand side of the site you can see the must read articles, search by specific topics of interest, and a search by type of media (articles, blogs, images).  I found the search section very useful as it allowed me to search for specific topics of interest including various laws about special education.

On the right-hand of the Special education page, you will see the most popular articles, related channels, meet the authors, browse by tags, read recent articles, reviews, discussions, and meet members of the community.  The browse by tag section is very useful.  The most used words in the articles and blogs appear in bolder and larger.  This way you can see the hot topics in special education.   When you select one of the tags, it takes you to another page with the most recent and popular articles about that subject.  I selected Dyslexia as a tag and found articles about reading and learning strategies along with how to recognize symptoms.

One article I enjoyed reading was about effective classroom management strategies for special education students.  This article was broken down into three sections including information about application of an IEP, monitoring and adjusting the strategies, along with including an annotated list of strategies to try with students.  All of the ideas were focused around the students’ needs and making them feel like a valued individual in this decision process.

The Bright Hub Special Education Channel is a wealth of information for both teachers and parents.  This site is a great way to also build your Personal Learning Community by joining as a member and swapping ideas, lessons, stories, and information with other teachers, parents, and educational professionals from around the world.

Article By Laura Ketcham

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