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A frozen yogurt shop may not be the typical meeting point for kids to play, but for the Plano Lego Lovers, it is. This group, which has more than 100 member including autistic children recently met up and played with the latest Toy Story 3 Lego set.


The group was started as a way to bring kids together by playing with Legos, but also to bring them together to socialize. Carla Graham, parent of an autistic child, was searching for a play group. Since her child was so interested in Legos, she decided to use the toys as a way to bring other children together, playing and socializing and communicating with each other.

By meeting just a few times a month, students of all capabilities gather at schools or local restaurants where they play. Not only do they have fun, but they can practice their learning skills, social skills and other shared interests.

Even though some children come with plans to build certain structures, they usually all end up working together and collaborating to come up with new and unique creations. This playtime is the perfect opportunity for these children that don’t get to socialize that often to do it when they are in a more comfortable place.

According to a paper by the Autism Research Centre at the University of Cambridge, children with autism and Asperger’s syndrome are often drawn to Legos because of their systematic and structured nature. As they are more comfortable with the environment, these children with special needs can be more comfortable learning and interacting with their peers, too.

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