Changes in Technology for Students with Learning Differences

With all the technology and advances that are happening on a daily basis, it is no wonder why most schools are starting to incorporate these advances into the classroom. For Brandon Hall School in Atlanta, Georgia, they are giving each middle school student and teacher their own Apple iPad to use for enhanced learning.

brandon hall

Instead of worrying about getting to a computer or having access to one at home, students will be able to carry the thin, touch-screen device. With Wi-Fi and cellular networks, students will be able to access work both in and out of the classroom.

With the thousands of applications available on the iPad, students can practice anything from math to science and penmanship. Because many of the students in this school have learning disabilities or differences, the applications will help them learn multi-sensory ways instead of traditional lecture styles of learning. It will also allow them to use strengths they might not have known they had.

Apps like Dragon Naturally Speaking create written documentation from a student’s spoken words. For children who have difficulties with handwriting, this app can open them to a whole new world of reading and writing. A penmanship app also allows students to practice their writing skills.

The students of this school are all bright and possess the ability to graduate and go on to college. Because of their learning differences across a variety of subjects, the iPad will help them use technology and the advances in traditional learning to learn and grow in their own individual way. This is only the start of the changes in the way students will soon be learning and growing.

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