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For students with special needs, sometimes seeing a real life application can help them when learning new terms. Flashcards are a great way for special needs students to practice and learn everyday vocabulary. MangoMon offers a variety of vocational and occupational vocabulary terms that are great for in school or after school practice. These flashcards are 100% free and perfect for educational or personal use!


In this set of interactive flashcards, students can practice and learn computer parts. Computer terms are important for students to learn now that so many of the things they do in and out of school involve these items.

The vocabulary sets are complete with real pictures, audio and examples of how the sentences are used in a sentence. These real life applications are great for preparing students with examples of how they would use these computer parts in their everyday lives.

These terms can help children recognize and learn the names of different kinds of computer parts. There are nine vocabulary terms in this set. Words like monitor, CPU tower and keyboard are just a few examples of the types of words in this set.

These flashcards work great with older students with special needs as well as in ESL classrooms. The audio portion of the words and colorful and engaging interfaces will help students enjoy the lessons. With the arrow keys, they also have the ability to go back and forth if they want to review a term or if they missed one.

Because each vocabulary term is accompanied by photos and sentences, students can better understand the meaning of the words. This is just another great free resource to help students with special needs.

Vocational and Occupational Flashcards by MangoMon

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