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Because April is Autism Awareness Month, has released a set of 24 apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad for free for the Month of April!  Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Flashcards are available to download for free from the iTunes store!  These apps are great for students with special needs because they include audio reinforcement, musical rewards, and will shuffle the decks for you. The apps also include games with themes like which object does not belong, which words rhyme, as well as traditional flashcards.

An example of one of the apps is the “Which Go Together” app. This app focuses on problem solving, which is an important skill to learn early in a child’s life. Here, students can be introduced to associations that will help them develop visual discrimination skills and understanding of various objects.

There are 120 colorful images that are of high interest for visual and auditory learners. The student will be asked which one of the four objects shown does not belong in a specific combination. With clear audio and verbal praise to reinforce correct answers, students will have fun and learn at the same time. There is even pleasant classical music that plays throughout the app to keep children focused on the task at hand. The sounds can even be turned on or off to cater to a specific child’s needs.

To download all these wonderful free apps, open iTunes, click on the iTunes store, search for and you will be able to see all the available apps!

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