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Over the past few years, decreased funding has  forced teachers to become even more creative with the supplies and resources that they currently have in the classroom.  Luckily there is a wealth of high-quality, FREE online resources that can be implemented in your classroom to spice up your daily lesson plans.  The sources listed below should encourage students to communicate, participate, interact, learn life skills and build intrinsic motivation.

Teachers Helping Teachers

Teachers Helping Teachers is a website developed for teachers, by teachers.  On this site you will find lesson plans (including a special education section), educational links, a forum, topics and poems of the week, and stress reducers.  Under the special education lesson plans section, there is a large variety of easily adaptable plans.  Lesson plans range from reading, spelling, and notetaking to classroom management, activity modifications, and behavioral systems.  Many of these lesson plans provide learning strategies to build skills based on Individual Educational Plans (IEPs).  These lesson plans can easily be used in conjunction with other lesson plans and links provided throughout the site.

Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators

Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators is a wealth of online resources.  The special education page for this site includes approximately 20 links for educators.  Some of the sites are research-based sites that provide standards-based approaches for teachers to reach their special education students.  Other links are for teachers to use as teaching aids or activities for their students in their classroom.

SEN Teacher

SEN Teacher is a regularly updated and current website that provides free online teaching and learning resources for special education teachers.  This site was created by a former teacher with experience working with students and young adults with intellectual disabilities.  The three sections of this website I found most useful were printables, web links, and downloads.  The printables page has a wide variety of worksheets, games, and tools for learning concepts such as time, money, handwriting, vocabulary, and communication skills.  I especially like the printables that involve game pieces like spinning wheels and fact fans.  The downloads page is one of the most interesting pages with categorized downloadable programs and games for a variety of subject areas.  They are all FREE full versions of programs (not demos) that can be integrated into your core curriculum.

Do 2 Learn

Do 2 Learn is a website that was created by a group of advisors and staff that has extensive experience working with and researching a wide variety of disabilities and how to best educate special education students.  The Do 2 Learn site offers a variety of free activities, lessons, games, and organization tools on their website.  The best thing about this site is that they provide teachers with creative ideas to teach special education students real-world skills such as social skills, fine motor skills, organizational skills, and communication skills.  The interactivity and interest level of the activities will make learning meaningful and fun for special education students.

Article by Laura Ketcham

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