Fun and Educational Games for Students with Autism

The video clip illustrates the Spongebob Squarepants Imitation Game from Autism Games, which could easily be modified for whatever television show or topic your students are interested in. Students say and imitate words and phrases using different emotions to practice and learn distinctions between emotions.

Autism Games is a large collection of fun and educational games and activities for parents and teachers of kids with Autism created by a Speech Language Pathologist. The website includes a large database of games you can play in school or at home, detailed instructions, a video index of real students participating in the activities, tips and strategies for making the games more educational, and much more.

The game collection is organized by theme, language learning objectives, and difficulty (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced). The activities are arranged so that you can easily scaffold the material for your student or child. Beginner games are for children not skilled in learning words. Intermediate games are for students putting words together. Advanced games are better for children who are able to put sentences together.

The video clips section provides a great tool for teaching parents, teachers, and even students how to play the games. You can easily find a video model of each activity to review the game demonstrated before you start to play and determine if it will work for your students.

Article By Amanda Kenuam

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