Growing Towards the Future – Special Education Experience

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that add up.

At South-Doyle Middle School in Knoxville, Tennessee, special education teacher, Brad Bowles got a group of his students together who weren’t afraid of a little dirt to help him build and grow a beautiful garden.

Brad wanted to create an outdoor learning environment for his students. By working together, they have created a garden full of various fruits and vegetables. Teamwork, according to Brad, is the secret to making your garden grow.

Despite the fact that the students have different disabilities and some use wheel chairs, they still work hard at helping the garden grow. The practice they get with the garden is giving them hands-on experience for real life job and life skills.

The students in the class had to apply for each job that they currently have. They dressed up and filled out applications. They then interviewed with their teacher and principal. Tears of joy when they got accepted for these positions proved to everyone how important this was for them. Little joys like these are great for learning important skills for the real world.

The class hopes to soon be able to add a picnic table and a shed to their gardening class. With academic skills, job skills and social interaction with the whole school, this is a great opportunity for students to learn and grow.

The students in the class take pride in their jobs. They each hold a different role and responsibility towards helping the garden grow. Working together, they can help each other work towards the future.

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