iCan with the iPad – Usage for Special Needs

For many children, the iPad is just another form of entertainment. They can play games, listen to music and do other types of fun activities. But for some children, it can do more than that.

The video below is about a boy named Owen, who was born healthy, but diagnosed at 8 weeks old with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Type 1. Doctors expected him only to live for 2 years. Although he has now lost nearly all muscular movement, he lived. He also has learned to read, do math and write, all from the help of his parents.


Over the past few years, Owen’s mother has been looking for different technologies to help her son learn. Many of these technologies have been very expensive and not proven to be as helpful as expected. One day, Owen’s nurse brought over an iPad for him to use. Since he can use his hands, he was able to use the touch screen to move about with the iPad.

The fact that Owen was able to operate this device was a huge step for the family. He was able to push buttons, change screens and do other moves with the iPad. For people with disabilities, the features on the latest devices, like the iPad are “game changers”. Owen is able to turn the pages in a book on his own, for the first time.

With the potential to advance his learning abilities, devices like the iPad prove to be crucial. The abilities they give to people with special needs may soon prove to be endless.

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