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February is Dental Health Month for Kids.  This is a great tie in to educate students about both dental and physical hygiene along with other health related lessons.  An engaging way to teach these subjects is with interactive technology.  All types of students, including students with special needs, can benefit from lessons on health and hygiene.


The ADA Classroom Resources & Ideas Website

The American Dental Association has a section of their website devoted to kids and teachers.  Teachers can find many resources about educating kids about dental health care.  This includes presentations, games, lesson plans, and hands-on activities.  The presentations include in-depth questions that you can ask the students in a discussion about dental health along with the appropriate answers for targeted grade levels.  The games section for kids includes online interactive games and videos about visiting the dentist and tooth care.  The “To Tell the Tooth” game was quite fun and I can see students really getting involved in this activity.

Interactive Lesson on Nutrition via BrainPOP

BrainPOP is a popular website that many teachers like to use for interactive and fun lessons.  Some of the resources on this website are available for free.  One of the interactive activities available for free on BrainPOP right now is about Nutrition and the Food Pyramid.

First, the students watch the video on Nutrition hosted by Moby, the funny BrainPOP robot character that is the star of all of their movies. Each movie has several components that go along with it including an interactive quiz, Q & A section, FYI section, and various activities.

After watching the video, the students can take the online quiz.  The interactive activity for this lesson is to have students classify foods into the food pyramid.  This would be a great activity to use on an interactive white board where students can come up to the front of the class to fill in the answers.  There is also a graphic organizer for students to write and analyze the food they ate from the day before along with a vocabulary worksheet.  The Q & A section provides a list of common questions that students may have based on the topic of nutrition.  The FYI section provides a more in depth explanation about how the Food Pyramid was established and updated.  Students, especially visually learners, will find the activities and lessons based on BrainPOP engaging and fun.

SuperScrub & Bubbles:  Grime Fighters

SuperScrub and Bubbles are cartoon characters that help to teach students about the importance of hand washing.  Teachers can download the cartoon booklet to read with students.  There are lesson plans, activities, and experiments to help students to learn how and when to wash their hands.

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