iPads in Special Education Classrooms

Apple has added many features to the iPad to improve universal accessibility. The accessibility features include VoiceOver, MonoAudio, Zoom, Closed-caption, White on Black, and Triple-click Home.


The VoiceOver feature allows for individuals with visual impairments to touch the screen and then hear a description of what is being selected. The user can then use the commands to double-click, tap, drag, or flick to control iPad. This feature works with all of the applications built into iPad, and other software developers can also create applications that work with this feature. Another additional feature of VoiceOver is that it has the ability to accept some voice input. It also includes 21 languages and is compatible with iBooks that have the VoiceOver feature.


MonoAudio allows all channels of audio to be routed to one bud in the headphone. This feature is very useful for individuals who have lost hearing in just one ear. The Zoom feature allows the user to magnify the entire screen. This feature even works with all applications on the iPad, including applications downloaded from the App Store. Closed-Caption on the iPad displays subtitles for movies and podcasts. The White on Black feature allows for the iPad to be viewed at a higher contrast. This feature works with all applications on the iPad. The Triple-click Home feature is very useful. With the touch of one button, you can instantly turn feature of VoiceOver, White on Black, or Zoom on or off.

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