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Common safety words and terms are important for all students to learn. No matter what age you are or where you live, all students should be aware of the areas around them and how to remain safe in everyday situations. For students with special needs, emphasis on these terms may be what they need to have them better comprehend the importance and understanding of these words. Accidents can happen to anyone, so it is important that they learn some of the common words that may be used in such times. MangoMon offers a vocational and occupational flashcards to give students a unique way of learning important information, such as these terms.


Safety terms are so important to learn because they can help make the difference between an accident and serious harm. Each word in the set has the term and a picture, audio pronunciation and sample sentences. The samples and situations used here are typical of a real-life accident that could happen to anyone.

These terms are great for helping students remember and learn terms that are most common in an accident. There are ten vocabulary terms in this set. Words like caution, fire extinguisher and sharp are some of the words in this particular set.

Special needs students and ESL learners will all find these flashcards helpful in learning situations. Because they have the ability to hear and see words being used with pictures, they can easily link words with meanings. Arrow keys one each slide allow for additional review of the terms.

These flashcards give students a helpful addition to a lesson in safety. Integrating technology into learning will also prepare students for their future education and the advances in technology.

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