Kids Just Like You – Special Needs Episode

It is always a comforting feeling when you come across someone that is just like you. With the amount of children that have special needs, it is refresging to see television and the media incorporating them into popular television series. Arthur is a popular children’s television show that airs on PBS and has been around for a long time. The show revolves around the daily life of Arthur the aardvark, as well as his friends and family. There are many common situations and conflicts that appear in the show that students can directly relate to. The show is great because it also deals with social and health-related issues that affect young children.

The series has just released an episode that can be viewed online, featuring a character with Asperger’s syndrome. The episode involves the character of George, who has dyslexia, and Carl, a new friend who has Asperger’s. George does not know how to handle Carl’s hyperfocus on topics like trains, his trouble with understanding figures of speech and other unusual social habits that he has. When it is explained to him that Carl has this disorder, George opens up and finds ways to make friends with Carl.

This show is great because it lets children be aware of the differences in every child. It is a way for them to see that these differences are what make everyone unique. By incorporating children with special needs into the show, it brings more attention to that group of individuals. It also prepares children for interacting and socializing with these students in real life.

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