Let the Games Begin – Special Needs Athletes

For any major sporting event, kids can sometimes get nervous. For the ones competing in The National Junior Disability Championships in Chicago, this is their time to shine.

Throughout this week, the top athletes with disabilities from all over the country will be competing in Olympic-style events like track and field, swimming, basketball and weightlifting, just to name a few.


This is the 26th year that this competition will be held. This competition is considered one of the most prestigious national events for those with physical or visual disabilities. Once athletes earn a spot in the winning positions of these events, they are able to qualify for the U.S. Paralympic Team.

For students who work hard all year in and outside of the classroom, this is a competition to really show off what they have been doing. With over 300 athletes from around the country, this event is a big deal for those who are participating.

It is a great way for those who are disabled to come together and meet others who may be just like them. It is also a way for them to show to the world that they can do just about anything that another person without their disability could do.

Being able to compete in this competition gives many of the participants better self esteem and feelings about themselves. They serve as an inspiration to those around them. The National Junior Disability Championships gives these athletes a chance to show off their athletic skills while inspiring both disabled and nondisabled people at the same time.

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