New Drivers, New Learners – Alternative for Special Education

Preparing for a driver’s test can be somewhat nerve wrecking. For students with special needs, who have different ways of learning, sometimes a different approach to preparing for the test is needed.

Flashcards and graphics of road signs and symbols can greatly help prepare students for the test. Since a lot of students are visual learners, instructional videos with real life situations can aide them in preparing for the test.

The California DMV has released a YouTube Channel with a series of 54 short clips helping students prepare for their driving test and being on the road for the first time. For students who learn visually, these videos are a great alternative to texts or long documents on computer screens.

The video clips offer real life examples and situations that can happen when taking a driver’s test or preparing for one. They present the top ten common mistakes that a lot of first time drivers do when they are starting out, including unsafe lane changes, failure to yield, and failure to stop.

The videos include interviews with real driving examiners about their experiences with taking out first time drivers. They give examples of these mistakes that so many students make and then details on what you should do to correct that mistake.

These short videos are a great refresher for students who want to see real people in real situations. The comments from other YouTube members can also offer advice or personal experiences in addition to the videos.

Since YouTube is watched by millions of people a day, the California DMV realized a great way to get this safety information out there would be to post it on YouTube. For those students who need visual aides to help them retain information, this is a great resource.

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