October School Technology Mashup

Here are the top three resources that I have learned about this month that can help teachers in educating students with special needs.



This week Proloquo2Go is in the top twenty five applications for use with iPhones, iPads, and iPods.  This fee-based mobile program is a full-featured application for communication.  It has text-to-speech ability, along with symbols, conjugations, and thousands of vocabulary words.  It is very easy to use with a simple tap of the screen.  The student taps the picture that represents what they want to say.  The device will then say what was selected.  Students can also type in their own messages and have them spoken.  There are larger sized keys which will help all users.

There is a section to store recent and most frequently used commands or features of the program.  This makes it easy for retrieval by the user.  This application can revolutionize the ability for students to gain their independence if they have difficulty communicating in the classroom and beyond.    There are great videos on YouTube that show how the program can be used and also  teachers showing how their students use it in the classroom.  It is definitely a very cool program worth checking out!


Evernote is a program that students can use to capture all of what they are learning in the classroom.  Students can upload class notes, pictures, or web pages to Evernote.   The information will automatically be organized and tagged so it will be easy to search through at home.  Students can upload their class notes to Evernote in order to keep them organized and in an easy location to study from.  Students could take pictures of field trips, labs, or even the whiteboard and use the material later to complete an assignment or study for a test.  They can also keep clips of web pages that they will use to write a research paper or to complete a project.  This program is great for students with disabilities as it will organize that material automatically based on the content.   It can also be accessed from any device that has Internet like a laptop, cell phone, or iPad.

National Geography Xpeditions

This is an oldie but goodie site with lessons and activities for incorporating geography into your classroom.  This site is sponsored by National Geography and Thinkfinity.  This site is standards-based, high-interest and adaptable for different student levels and age groups.  Many of the activities are hands-on and incorporate animations and high-quality pictures from the actual geographic region.   One activity I completed was in the Xpedition Hall.  The activity was learning about how the brain maps data differently  in a child compared to an adult.  This would be a great activity to teach mapping skills for middle school students who are in the middle of making that transition from child to adult.  Many of the lessons incorporate activities that can be used as cross-curriculum assignments with reading, writing, and even math.

Do you have any great sites or apps that you have come across this month?  Please feel free to comment and share your best classroom tech resources!

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