Online Resources Provided by the US Department of Education (Part 3 of 3)

In my previous posts I wrote about Tech Matrix and The National Center for Technology Innovation.  These organization’s websites contain a wealth of technology resources for special education teachers, administrators, professional development trainers, and technology coordinators to widen their knowledge about technology and special education.  These were two of three Department of Education organizations that I recently found while searching online.


Today’s post is about another Department of Education organization, The Center for Implementing Technology in Education.  My first experience with this website was watching their narrated tour of their website.  This link was a great first look at what this site has to offer.  I definitely suggest checking it out.

There are three main categories on this site:  the Learn Center, the Action Center, and the Research Center.  All of these can be best utilized by becoming a free registered user under the My Center link.  When you register you are able to bookmark and tag links and articles that you find relevant to what you want to know or to learn about.  You can then share these resources and create ‘toolkits’ to send your colleagues, teams, or teacher friends.

The Learn Center

The Learn Center provides resources for a variety of educational professionals including teachers, administrators, technology coordinators, and professional development coordinators.  When you go to this site, you chose your role, and you will be directed to a page of resources that fits your designated role.  Under the teachers link, the site is broken down into four sections – responsibilities, topics, featured resources, and related research.  Under all of the sections, the user chooses the categories of interest and then the selection will provide further resources from various online resources to learn more about the topic.  These resources range from research articles, blogs, state resources, and other organizations that support the education of special needs children.  This website is a great jumping-off point to learn more and stay current with trends in technology with special needs students.

Action Center

The Action Center provides professional development materials and the EdTech Locator.  The EdTech Locator was discussed in my first post about the Tech Matrix.  This tool is great for professional development to determine where you, your staff, or your school is at in means of technology integration.  This resource provides information to help take you from the early stage of integration to the target state of integration.

Research Center

The Research Center contains article links about emerging and current best practices of technology integration for the special education classroom.  This information can be applied to local schools and assist in making technology choices in the special education classroom.  One article from this section I found interesting was research that was done at different levels of education on calculator implementation in the special education classroom.  Overall, the research findings were that the use of calculators had a positive impact on operational and problem solving skills.

Overall, I hope that you have found the past three posts to be very informative and as great resources for learning more about technology in special education.  These sites represent the now and the future of how technology can help students with special needs to achieve academic and social goals helping them to become independent and active citizens in their adult lives.  These three resources would be great to share with your fellow colleagues, those who are both special education teachers and those who have special education students in their mainstream classrooms.  I have learned a lot about the various tools, websites, research, and products available for special needs students from these resources and I hope you have too.

Article By Laura Ketcham

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