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Funded by the Florida Department of Education, FDLRS/TECH is a great site for free and low-cost technology resources for use in the special education classroom.  These online resources are intended to increase student performance and provide tools that can then easily be translated from the classroom to the real world.

The FDLRS/TECH website is broken down into eight categories:  c.  Each category contains a description of the topic (including Florida Standards) with a series of links that are broken down into respective categories.  FDRLS/TECH provides a wealth of useful free and low-cost resources for students and teachers that you should definitely check out.

Below is a list of just a few of my favorite resources from this site:

Creativity:  Music

Jam Trax is a music program developed by Sony for children in elementary and middle school.  The program allows students to add musical tracks of a variety of instruments to create their own songs.  It also provides an option for students to create their own tracks through the use of a microphone.  This program definitely spurs musical creativity.


PBS NOVA is a top-rated science television series.  The website extends the television series by providing articles, interviews, essays, slide shows, photographs, and other interactive features.  These extra features allow for students to delve deeper into what is covered on their television shows.


Illuminations provides free online virtual math activities and lessons.  This would be great for a center activity or computer lab time.  The activities are very engaging for all types of learners.

Writing is free online mapping software. Students I have taught, ranging from elementary to high school, use this for concept webs on research papers and presentations.


Free online storybooks are available from Children’s Storybooks Online.  There are a variety of online books for different age groups. Use a projector to show them to all your students. Some of them even incorporate sound effects to make the books come alive!

Article by Laura Ketcham

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