Online Summer Reading Sites for Students with Special Needs

Schools urge that students continue to read over the summer to help to maintain and build their reading skills in preparation for the next school year.  Many districts also provide online reading applications, like MangoMon or Learning Today, along with reading lists with high-quality novels for summer projects and book reports.  Below is a list of websites with online reading games and activities and booklists that you can pass along to parents for summer reading for students, including students with special needs.

Education World Links for Summer Reading

Education World has a page devoted to summer reading lists.  They have compiled lists of recommended reading for K-12 students from various schools around the United States along with the International Reading Association.  They also have a site link for students to upload their book reviews for the books they read over the summer.

Sunshine State Young Readers Award Site

The Sunshine State Young Readers Award website has an updated annotated list of the top books for young readers and grades 3-5.  This list provides the titles, authors, a photograph of the book coves, and a short synopsis of the novels.  The annotated list is of books that have come out in the past few years.  They also have archived lists of previous year’s top awarded books, which would also be great for summer reading.

Emerging Reading Activities with Starfall

Starfall is a great online program for younger students who are learning to read.  This site provides interactive fun games and reading passages with promotion of basic reading skills including letters, phonics, and phonemic awareness.  This site is easy to use even for the youngest of learners and special needs students.

Kaboose Reading Games

Kaboose has a page on their site devoted to reading games.  There are games for K-5 learners.  The games include word puzzles, anagrams, spelling, reading comprehension, word searches, parts of speech, nouns, vocabulary, and even practices for foreign languages and Lexile levels.

Reading Rockets Tips for Parents

Reading Rockets is a PBS site devoted to building reading skills for children.  The have an article with great tips for parents to encourage summer reading.  They include traditional ideas like reading aloud to your child and encouraging them to read novels, but also think outside the box by including reading into your everyday activities like reading road signs or reading the signs at the grocery store.  They also encourage allowing children to read the ‘popular’ books along with books on tape as other methods to encourage struggling or uninterested readers.  They also have a Summer Reading section on their site with information for teachers, parents, videos, articles, blogs, activities, and downloadable materials.

All teachers should provide interesting reading activities, options, novels, and resources as part of a going-home package before the end of the school year.  This can help many students to maintain the skills they have learned throughout the school year and even give them a head start for the next grade!

-Article by Laura Ketcham

-Picture by Wesley Fryer

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