Spelling Activities for Students with Dyslexia

Students with dyslexia have difficulty spelling words, decoding words and detecting meaning when they are reading.  There are many different ways that a teacher can present spelling words and vocabulary for students.   Utilizing online activities would be one way to help students and motivate them when learning new words.


Spelling City

One site students can use is called Spelling City.  On Spelling City, students can type in their spelling words, and then be tested on them, have the computer help them learn the words, or turn the words into a learning game.

In testing mode, the student will spell the word.  When the student selects the word to type the answer, the word will be read aloud to the student.  Two buttons are also provided to the right of the screen where the student can write the word one to hear the word read aloud again and the second button is used to help the student by using the word in a sentence.  When the student is done with the spelling test, the answer can be checked after it is submitted.  The student will receive immediate feedback with corrections if needed.

For the most commonly used spelling words, enter learning mode and then the student will enter the words and then select Learn.  Once the learning activity is started, the program will say and spell the word, use the word in a sentence, spell the word again, and then say the word again.  This is a great way for students with dyslexia to learn to spell and remember the meaning of vocabulary.

There are also many different learning games that the students can play using the words including scramble games, find the missing letter, crossword and matching puzzles, hangman, and word searches.

Teachers can also use this program to setup their lists for students in advance.  Then students and parents can log in and access the pre-made lists.  There are also pre-made activities for students to work in pairs on vocabulary, along with activities for students to learn about the various states in conjunction with spelling.

Overall, this is a comprehensive website that can help students with dyslexia to improve their spelling and vocabulary.

Other Resources

A similar program to Spelling City is called Big IQ Kids.  Students enter their spelling words and there are test, learning, and game modes.  This site also has different pages where students can play learning games for other subject areas.

For older students, there are many online sites that offer free spell checkers.  A few of these sites are and, Fun Brain, and Kids Spell also have many different spelling games that would be great for students to play during a center activity.

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