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Approaching vocabulary terms from a different angle of learning can sometimes be a refreshing task for many students. For those students with special needs, unique teaching approaches are what often help them retain information. Because many of them will soon be on the road driving or spending time in cars, vocabulary terms about parts of a car will prove useful. Interactive flashcards from MangoMon offer a range of vocational and occupational terms. These free flashcards offer a unique way of learning important information that is used everyday.

Parts of a Car

Students can easily practice the terms they will use when driving or riding in a car. They will most likely be using these terms on an everyday basis so it is a great use of practicing vocabulary.

Each word in the set has the term and a picture, audio samples of the word and example sentences. These words are helpful samples of what students may encounter on the road and in a driving environment.

These terms are great for helping students remember and learn terms that are most common in a driving environment. There are ten vocabulary terms in this set. Words like brake light, windshield wiper and fender are some of the words in this set.

Special needs students and ESL learners will all find these flashcards beneficial. Because they can both hear and see words being used with pictures, they can easily link words with meanings. Arrow keys allow for additional review by moving back and forth between terms.

These flashcards give students a better understanding of such common terminology. Resources like these are always a helpful addition to any lesson for students with special needs or learning disabilities. Integrating technology into learning will also prepare students for their future careers and advances in technology.

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