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5 Sites for Creating Worksheets and Printables | Special Education

Not all of the technology and online resources that a teacher uses on a day-to-day basis are used for direct instruction or for students to directly complete on the computer.  Many online tools are used for classroom management or to create supplemental classroom materials.  Here is a list of great websites, especially for classroom instructors and special education educators.

Free education-related, modifiable certificates can be found and printed from  Certificate Street. Certificate Street has many different types of educationally relevant certificates to you download. The files are downloaded as an editable PDF. You can then add of modify the info on the certificate for the students and then print. Certificates range from graduation, appreciation, best artist, good listener, student of the week, and participation. There are almost 100 different templates to choose from.

Discovery Education’s Puzzle Maker is a free site where you can make word searches and crossword puzzles.

DLTK’s Growing Together is a site where teachers have free access to a wide variety of printables.  Some of the printables available are awards, chore charts, coupons, and writing paper.  The writing paper has primary lines and regular writing lines. You can add little graphics too, or keep it plain.

Spelling City is a free online program where teachers can create spelling worksheets, upload spelling words for online review games for students, or create spelling tests for students to take online.

Worksheet Works is a website where teachers will find free printable worksheets for math, language arts, geography, puzzles, and more.  These worksheets can be used for skills practice for in class or homework, or for an enrichment assignment.

I’m sure that you will find many of these tools useful in your classroom.  If you have any suggestions you would like to share, feel free to comment below this post!

Article by Laura Ketcham

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