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Families Working Together for the Students

Family events are a great way for children and parents to work together and participate in a fun event that really means something to them.

United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Cleveland

Cleveland, Ohio is home to a Triathlon, which is made up of family teams. These teams consist of many children who have disabilities. Families of these children have been working and training all year long for this event. For participants, like a child named Elsie, who has cerebral palsy and is legally blind, this day is very important.

The families participating in the event both inspire and are inspired by the children in the event. Their willingness to work hard to achieve a goal help others see that differences should not limit the things these children can do, but can help them grow stronger.

The Cleveland Triathlon is one of many events that families of children with special needs or disabilities have been recently participating in. Specifically, these families are all clients of the United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Cleveland, the official beneficiary of this race.

The United Cerebral Palsy has helped children make great progress. Students have made such achievements that have helped them do everyday tasks like walking, which were oftentimes doubted by others. With the many therapies from the staff, children are quickly developing essential skills to help them live more independently.

All teams that are participating in the event asked for sponsors to make a pledge. All the funds that were raised are going directly to the UCP. With special websites made by each family in the event, it is easy for others to help do their part.

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Room for Communication – School for the Deaf

For students with special needs, there is often a specific place for them to go to work with specialists or people that can help them learn and grow. But, for children in other countries, they may not have a place to go at all.

The 10,000 deaf children in Afghanistan have since fallen into this category, with no opportunity for education or learning. Since the deaf community in this country is often treated like the female community, with no respect, education and advancements, people from other countries have taken a stand.



The nonprofit from Colorado, Mountain2Mountain (M2M), which has already affected the lives of hundreds of men, women and children in Afghanistan, has been working towards giving these children the opportunities they deserve. With no sign language or communication, these children are missing out on the chance of a lifetime.

The Afghan National Association for the Deaf (ANAD) and M2M have recently started building a new school for deaf children in Kabul. The land, donated by the government is the future home to the green and sustainable buildings which will educate children and employ the community.

The school should be complete by the time school starts in the fall. With primary and secondary schools and teachers, about 800 children will learn International Sign Language and a new Afghani sign language. Because of the school’s location, children can also learn about agriculture training, too.

This school is the only chance these children have to get an education and learn how to communicate. This innovative school will provide this chance for so many worthy children.

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Kids Just Like You – Special Needs Episode

It is always a comforting feeling when you come across someone that is just like you. With the amount of children that have special needs, it is refresging to see television and the media incorporating them into popular television series. Arthur is a popular children’s television show that airs on PBS and has been around for a long time. The show revolves around the daily life of Arthur the aardvark, as well as his friends and family. There are many common situations and conflicts that appear in the show that students can directly relate to. The show is great because it also deals with social and health-related issues that affect young children.

The series has just released an episode that can be viewed online, featuring a character with Asperger’s syndrome. The episode involves the character of George, who has dyslexia, and Carl, a new friend who has Asperger’s. George does not know how to handle Carl’s hyperfocus on topics like trains, his trouble with understanding figures of speech and other unusual social habits that he has. When it is explained to him that Carl has this disorder, George opens up and finds ways to make friends with Carl.

This show is great because it lets children be aware of the differences in every child. It is a way for them to see that these differences are what make everyone unique. By incorporating children with special needs into the show, it brings more attention to that group of individuals. It also prepares children for interacting and socializing with these students in real life.

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All Together Now – Special Education Classrooms

Kyrene de las Manitas Elementary School’s preschool class gives a new meaning to the phrase working together.

Just like in any other preschool classroom, children are taught color and shape identification, math skills, how to hold a pencil and use scissors and basic reasoning skills. What makes this class different than most is that the preschool program includes both typically-developing and special needs students playing and working together. The typical children, who are screened to evaluate their language and social skills, serve as role models for their special-needs peers.

The district is already screening for next year’s students and has the program set up in many elementary schools around the area. This early interaction and exposure to curriculum only benefits the special needs children. There have even been reports of some former students being no longer diagnosed as special needs after graduating from the preschool.

The typical students also benefit from the program as they become more aware and accepting of diversity. They can also give students peer positive reinforcement as they make achievements. Parents have noted positive changes in their special needs children after only a few weeks in the program. Special needs students started to gain communication skills they were lacking before. Typical students developed confidence and social skills that help them in group situations, like speaking in front of a group or talking to new students.

With the fun presentation of educational material and individualized attention that the students get, parents also noted how their children have developed a love for going to school. It is also great for the typical children to interact with the special needs children so they can share adult experiences and learn from them.

By working together with students of all abilities, children can see the various types of people in the world and learn and grow from their experiences.

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