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Who Needs Resources? – Special Needs Tools

In today’s economy, it is always a plus when you can get things for free. Teachers are always looking for great finds that they can use in their classrooms.
SEN Teacher is a site for free teaching and learning resources for students with special needs and learning disabilities. There are many components in the free resource area. There is a page for printables, a page for links, a page for files and a page for search tools.

On the printables page, you will find printable worksheets, handouts and teaching aids. The high-quality sheets range in subjects that include math, reading and more. You can also customize some of them to specifically fit the needs of your students. On the links page you will find a list of quality websites that provide a great source of free learning resources and software. There are links to information on learning disabilities, helpful sites and more.
The files page gives you a list of free educational software from a variety of sources that are helpful for parents and teachers of students with special needs. The list only includes software that is fully free for use in schools and at home and includes a range of subjects like math, reading, science and the arts. The search tools are Google search engines that help you to easily find free resources and information from different SEN areas. These well-respected websites provide expert advice and information for free.
Current news articles are also available on this site. New tools like the custom word search generator help learners with limited literacy skills. For all your special education resources, this is the place to go!

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