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School Weather Safety

April has definitely lived up to the first part of its mantra “in like a lion.”  This month, parts of the United States have been ravaged by tornadoes, flooding, and fires which have destroyed homes, schools, and even entire towns.  Teachers and students need to be aware of the safety precautions and measures in order to stay safe during these natural and man-made disasters.


Schools always have safety plans in case of these events directly correlating to the area of the country that you reside.  However, a unique lesson about learning about weather and disasters is to go above and beyond just teaching the students about staying safe.   A unique lesson idea would be to explore the ideas in more depth so that the students have a deeper understanding of the events.  Since this topic is close to their actual experiences in real life, they will take away the learning from the lesson and be able to apply it if and when needed throughout their lives.

This is especially important for students with special needs.   Some students may not be mobile nor have the independent skills needed to move into a safe area during a weather or disaster threat.  A plan should be in place to help student reach safety including other adults and students to assist those students in need.  If the students are educated on what to expect this will help the students to not panic during a real emergency.

Websites for Lesson Ideas about Fire, Flood, and Tornado Safety

Sparky the Fire Dog is a great resource for younger children to learn about fire safety in homes and schools.  On this website, there are interactive activities for students and lesson plans for teachers.   There are printables for a home fire safety checklist and an escape route grid that students can create.

To learn about wildfires, using the resources provided by Smokey the Bear are great to make connections with students.  This website has resources for all ages of students.  Older students can learn about the science of wildfires and how to fight wildfires while younger students can learn about being smart outdoors.

FEMA’s website for learning about disasters provides informative facts about the disasters along with interactive activities.  There are sections on wildfires, floods, and tornados.  Each section provides a written explanation appropriate for kids about the disasters, what they can do to prepare in case of the disaster, along with pictures of kids in the aftermath of the disasters that are not too graphic, but provide the students with the understanding of the impact of such an event.

Weather Wiz Kids is another website that provides fun and interactive information about weather related events.  This website is written by a meteorologist directly for kids and teachers. This website has experiments and activities to learn about the weather events along with safety information and weather related information on what causes the events.  There are many informative pictures that help making learning the subject visual and engaging.  Lesson plans are provided for teachers to make the connections between the information on the websites and activities and assessments students can complete to show their knowledge of the subject matter.

For older kids, Discovery Channel’s “Storm Chasers” would be an engaging resource for students to learn about tornados.  The show is a high energy show that gets close up images of the tornado chasers, tornados, and the devastation that they can leave behind.  Students can watch clips of the episodes, play the educational games, take online quizzes about the episodes, or follow their weather tracking site based on the various episodes.

All of these lesson ideas will help to prepare students in the event of a disaster along with teaching core-curriculum science content.

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A Safe Approach to Learning – Special Needs Education

Basic safety precautions are something most students learn at a very young age. For those students with special needs, they may be learned later on in life, but these regulations remain just as important.

Wayne Public Schools in New Jersey has started a “Safety Town” summer program in which disabled or special needs students will learn how to react and behave in typical safety situations. From crossing the street to confrontations with strangers, this weeklong program will teach them appropriate solutions. With advice and safety tips from real police officers and firefighters in the community, students get a hands-on experience.

Safety Town has been offered to beginning kindergarten students for nearly 20 years, but this is the first time the older students can benefit from the program, too. Parents and advocates pushed to have it offered to the special needs children. In addition, a Junior Police Academy, a special needs sports clinic and a bicycle riding program for disabled children will all be in effect.

Including these students into the programs that are offered to the general education students helps both the students and parents feel like they are a bigger part of the community and more involved. These students will eventually become adults, just like all the other students at the schools and need to have reliable sources of information that will help them become productive members of society.

By giving all students the chance to participate and learn about the same things lets everyone know that we are all equal, despite our differences.

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It’s Safe To Say These Words Are Important #SPED #ESOL

Common safety words and terms are important for all students to learn. No matter what age you are or where you live, all students should be aware of the areas around them and how to remain safe in everyday situations. For students with special needs, emphasis on these terms may be what they need to have them better comprehend the importance and understanding of these words. Accidents can happen to anyone, so it is important that they learn some of the common words that may be used in such times. MangoMon offers a vocational and occupational flashcards to give students a unique way of learning important information, such as these terms.


Safety terms are so important to learn because they can help make the difference between an accident and serious harm. Each word in the set has the term and a picture, audio pronunciation and sample sentences. The samples and situations used here are typical of a real-life accident that could happen to anyone.

These terms are great for helping students remember and learn terms that are most common in an accident. There are ten vocabulary terms in this set. Words like caution, fire extinguisher and sharp are some of the words in this particular set.

Special needs students and ESL learners will all find these flashcards helpful in learning situations. Because they have the ability to hear and see words being used with pictures, they can easily link words with meanings. Arrow keys one each slide allow for additional review of the terms.

These flashcards give students a helpful addition to a lesson in safety. Integrating technology into learning will also prepare students for their future education and the advances in technology.

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