Taking You to a New Place – Special Needs Vocabulary

Getting around town is something we do everyday. For students with special needs, these terms are important, so getting from place to place doesn’t have to be an extra struggle. It is important to learn these words that can not only help students get places, but let them help others, too.  MangoMon offers a vocational and occupational flashcards to give students an interactive way of learning important information, like these words.


Transportation terms are so important to learn because they allow students to know the proper places and ways they can get to a certain place. From finding a room in a building by taking an elevator up two floors to getting on the bus at the right location, these terms serve a great purpose. Each term in the set has the word, picture, audio pronunciation and sentences explaining the use.

These terms are great for helping students remember and learn terms that are most common when traveling around town or in a new location. There are ten vocabulary terms in this set. Words like escalator, motorcycle and boat are some of the words in this set.

Special needs students and ESL learners will especially benefit from the flashcards when learning about these terms. Because they have the ability to both hear and see words being used with pictures, they can easily link words with meanings. With arrow keys, they can review and practice the terms again and again.

Interactive flashcards like these give students an extra lesson in common terminology. Using technology to help them learn will also prepare them for their future in both education and society.

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