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Teacher Tube is a FREE Web 2.0 resource where teachers can go and either view or post educational videos.  The videos are geared either toward teachers for professional growth or toward students for teachers to incorporate into their lessons.  Many districts block YouTube because of questionable content, where as Teacher Tube is typically unblocked because the nature of all of the videos relates to education.

Special Education

This is another summer resource that I suggest that you check out in your down time.  The videos can be as short as a few minute clips, to fuller length videos that can last more than 30 minutes.  The videos can be streaming online or downloaded for later viewing.

Teacher Tube also contains an area for documents, audio, and photos where teachers can upload their presentations, lessons, worksheets, podcasts, images, and any other educational related files.  Other users can then download and modify the content (with giving credit for the resource) and use it for their classroom.  There is also a community section where teachers can connect with one another via groups and topic threads.  Two new features to the site are the classifieds section and also the direct link to Teacher Vision, a site with teacher created lesson plans, worksheets, and other classroom materials.

Here are a few special education videos you should check out on Teacher Tube:

The Head Mouse

This first video is from Jefferson Parish, LA and is about assistive technology.  This video follows a student through her academic growth by using a head mouse.  The student does not have use of her arms or legs, but is high functioning.  She uses the head mouse, which consists of a web cam and a small sticker dot that is placed on her head.  When used in combination with word prediction software and another software that allows her to make mouse selections (right-click, click-and-drag, etc.).  She has this technology available at home and at school.  Since using this technology, she now completes her homework and her grades have increased.

Literature Circles with Special Needs Students

Several teachers from the Carol Morgan School, a Private K-12 American School based in the Dominican Republic, came together to create a video demonstrating literature circles.  Literature Circles is a classroom activity where students join together in a circle, after reading a book or novel, with a specific role to discuss the book.  The roles they included in their literature circle were a discussion director, connector, summarizer, vocabulary “enricher”, and character captain.  The discussion director leads the circle in a thorough discussion of the book.   They suggest including both students and adults in the circle when working with special needs students.

File Folder Games

Nicole Caldwell is a special education teacher and autism specialist.  In her video, she shares a learning activity idea called “file folder games.”  She provides three examples of hands-on learning activities that can all be stored with in file folder.  She stresses that file folder games should be visual, and have a clear beginning and ending.  They should also be able to be completed independently. The three examples she shows in her video are a butterfly color matching puzzle, matching of numerals to the corresponding written number, and solving math problems – match answer to equation.  She provides the resources to make these and other file folder games available on her website called Positively Autism. (Note:  this website is down at this time)

Article By: Laura Ketcham

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