The Winning Vote – Special Needs Vocabulary Words

Politics and the government are definitely important issue that all citizens of this country should be aware of. From local to national elections, topics of voting and these authority figures usually come up in everyday conversation. For students with special needs, these topics can sometimes be more difficult to understand and learn. These terms that help people both conduct and participate in an election can help students understand the process and participate in it. MangoMon offers both vocational and occupational flashcards that help these students learn such important information, like voting terms.




Voting terms are so important to teach because they involve events that most people do every year. From electing a class president to casting a ballot for the local mayor, these terms are very influential. Each term included in the set has the word, picture, audio pronunciation and sample sentences.

These terms are great for helping students learn the terms that are beneficial to any election, no matter how big or small. There are ten vocabulary terms in this set. Words like ballot, candidate and President are some examples of a few of the words in this set.

Special needs students as well as English language learners will benefit from the flashcards because they have the ability to both hear and see the words. The pictures allow them to link words with meanings and form mental images of what each one means. Arrow keys enable students to review and practice the terms on an as-needed basis.

Interactive flashcards like these offer a different way for students to practice important terms. Combining technology with vocabulary lessons will not only help students in the classroom, but they will be prepared for their future.

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