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Being handy is something that really comes in handy! Knowing basic terminology of tools that can help people build and fix items are important to know. Learning relatable vocabulary terms which students can use in the real world is especially important for special needs. By practicing and reinforcing these words with interactive flashcards, these students will enjoy learning and using the words. MangoMon offers a large variety of vocational and occupational vocabulary flashcards that are free to use for school or home usage. These flashcards offer a fun and different way of learning.


These flashcards allow students to practice and learn a set of terms that describe tools. Words that describe tools and construction are important for students to learn because many of them may find careers that involve using these tools. They are also included in a set of words they may be using when doing simple tasks or helping around the house.

Each flashcard in the set consists of the vocabulary term, pictures that show the road tools, audio pronunciation of that term and examples of how they are used in a sentence. These words are great for preparing students with examples of what they might be talking about when helping around doing everyday tasks.

These terms are great for helping students remember and learn the names of tools. There are nine vocabulary terms in this set. Words like screwdriver, hammer and tape measure are some of the examples of words included in this set.

Interactive flashcards like these terms work great with students with special needs and ESL learners. Not only are students able to hear the words, they can see them being used in a sentence. They also get to see a picture of what it looks like, reinforcing their learning. With arrow keys that you can click on, students have the ability to navigate back and forth between the words.

By incorporating more than one element into the flashcards, students can better grasp the understanding of the meaning and usage of the words. Free resources like these interactive flashcards are always an added perk to any learning system for students with special needs. By integrating technology into the classroom, we can also prepare students for changes of the future.

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