Wake Up and Sing! – Special Needs Program

Music can be something that links parents and children. Bonding over music and songs is a great way to connect. Wake Up and Sing is a weekly group in Atlanta from the Center for the Visually Impaired, that meets for two hours. The group is designed for babies and toddlers with visual impairments. With this program, musical therapy is used for both parents and children.


Children in this group all have some kind of disability but that does not stop them from enjoying new music and new friends. Parents of the participating children have noticed changes in their children. With the support of other children and parents, they have noticed more confidence and positive attitudes from their children.

The program is relatively new and combines both support group therapy and music programs to those participating. Parents also thrive from the support and help they receive, so it is important that whole families are involved with the group.

Students can build many skills through the program, like social skills, cognitive skills and motor skills. Because many students also suffer from learning disabilities, it is a good way to get some extra practice that they would get out of school. Pairing sounds with smells and other forms of sense give students a new way of learning and growing together with their families.

The Wake Up and Sing program is a great way for families to enjoy togetherness while helping their children thrive and grow. By providing a fun and positive atmosphere, students and parents are both able to learn not only about themselves, but about others who are just like them.

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