Working in the Field – Special Education Work Program

Preparing for the working world can be a challenge for any student. At Bob Jones High School in Madison, Alabama, there is an emphasis on this area.

bob jones high school

For special needs students at this school, employees from local businesses and communities visited the school to help them learn about different careers. Since many of these students attend school for a longer period of time than most, programs like this allow them to learn and work at the same time.

One company, HudsonAlpha, allows some students to help prepare and package DNA kits. This is just one example of the companies that help prepare students for the work force through the six week long program.

By letting students be involved in these businesses, they are gaining the experience that they may need when they graduate. It allows both the students and the community know that they are just as hard-working and dedicated to their jobs as other students and community members.

The variety of businesses, from restaurants to hotels and gardens, allow students to work on a job skill of their choice. These businesses train the dedicated students to be productive in their field of work. Employees of these companies have stated how dedicated and willing to learn these students are. Along with work skills, students also pick up on etiquette skills and how to interact in a work environment.

The students in this program prove that with hard work and dedication, they can easily adapt into a working environment and accomplish their goals.

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